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Grog and Northwest

Project Grog and Northwest

Drill Core presentation
Presentation will be updated again upon completion of the drill program.

Property Snapshot

Location                              :       North Eastern New Brunswick

Target Commodity            :       Gold

Property Size                     :       28,000 hectares; 280km2

Stage of Development     :       Beginning

Current Work Program     :       Ground Geophysics, Stripping, Geochemistry, Exploration

Potential                             :       Excellent

Net Ownership                   :       Option to acquire 70%.

JV/Strategic Partner        :       None

Operator                              :       X-Terra Resources



All Targets With Results

Two Major Anomaly Trends

General Location Map

Regional Location

Regional Geology

General Magnetic Survey

Magnetic – First Vertical Derivative

Airborne Electromagnetic – Initial Conductivity

Radiometric – Highlighting zones high in Potassium

Alteration Clues

Circular zone highlighting radiometric high in Potassium + Grog Showing

Northwest Till sample results Highlighting 3 trends over 5km

Detailed Airborne Drone Magnetic Survey (25 metre spacing)

Drill Targets 2020 XTT NB Trench 26

Drill Targets 2020 XTT NB

Rim core drill pictures

Fall Trenching program pictures