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Grog and Northwest

Project Grog and Northwest

Drill Core presentation
Presentation will be updated again upon completion of the drill program.

Property Snapshot

Location                              :       North Eastern New Brunswick

Target Commodity            :       Gold

Property Size                     :       28,000 hectares; 280km2

Stage of Development     :       Beginning

Current Work Program     :       Ground Geophysics, Stripping, Geochemistry, Exploration

Potential                             :       Excellent

Net Ownership                   :       Option to acquire 70%.

JV/Strategic Partner        :       None

Operator                              :       X-Terra Resources



All Targets With Results

Two Major Anomaly Trends

General Location Map

Regional Location

Regional Geology

General Magnetic Survey

Magnetic – First Vertical Derivative

Airborne Electromagnetic – Initial Conductivity

Radiometric – Highlighting zones high in Potassium

Alteration Clues

Circular zone highlighting radiometric high in Potassium + Grog Showing

Northwest Till sample results Highlighting 3 trends over 5km

Detailed Airborne Drone Magnetic Survey (25 metre spacing)

Drill Targets 2020 XTT NB Trench 26

Drill Targets 2020 XTT NB

Rim core drill pictures